Atlas Professionals

Atlas Professionals

Our day-to-day business is to connect a highly professional workforce to a broad network of companies all over the world and to efficiently arrange all the details involved with the placement. More than 30 years of experience in the energy and marine industries have taught us what it takes to be a truly effective and professional link between valuable specialists and top global businesses. We have learned that the secret is quite simple and we have passed the message on to our professionals: Continuously develop and enhance your specialist skills and you can achieve the professional goals you have set.

Complete Personnel Service Solutions Offshore Wind and Subsea Cables
Atlas Professionals is the premier provider of survey and ROV personnel to the global near-shore and offshore survey industry. We have serviced the world’s largest survey and construction companies, and the majority of Europe’s offshore wind farms. We understand what is required at each stage of development, from site survey, through to cable lay, trenching, post lay, and monopile installations.

Our Engineering & Project Controls division supplies onshore project management, project support and technical engineering personnel. We have the people you need to deliver on tenders and contracts, as well as the planning and design of offshore wind farms.

We provide construction personnel to most of the offshore wind farms built today. Our experience enables us to supply competent and experienced people for the installation and commissioning of any offshore wind farm project, topside elements (towers, nacelles and blades) and substations. In addition to the crew required to operate the vessels that support the installation of these projects.

Quality, health and safety are critical to the offshore wind energy sector. Our QHSE division allows our clients to develop and maintain a QHSE system of the highest standard. We supply a wide range of specialists to plan, implement, and supervise safe systems and standards, undertake reviews, and conduct risk assessments. We also provide the expertise required for quality assurance, quality control, vendor surveillance, NDT, verification, certification, and inspection.

With an ever-increasing number of offshore wind farms coming into operation, the need for qualified specialists to manage the operations and maintenance project is growing rapidly. We can supply the staff needed for the strategic asset management of offshore wind farms, as well as the operational servicing and repair.

HR solutions for clients and professionals
Every day, across the globe, we offer clients bespoke HR solutions, comprising a full suite of taxation, administrative, logistics, and legal services – together with up-to-date compliance advice. At the same time, we present our professionals with a complete overview of suitable career opportunities, consult them on their future professional development and provide them with many highly valued additional services in order to meet their individual, specialist needs.
The following features of Atlas Professionals have contributed to our excellent reputation to date:

  • High quality of candidates available, even at short notice
  • Reliable business partner with a high service standard
  • A dedicated and flexible team who are contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • An emphasis on local content
  • A proven track record working on global projects.
  • All travel, accommodation, transfers and visas arranged using specialised travel agents who are both reliable and cost effective.
  • Extensive insurance coverage for all professionals.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided to every contractor whilst working via Atlas Professionals.
  • Adherence to an extensive selection process (as verified by ISO 9001:2008) for professionals by reviewing and checking references and all certification.

Atlas Professionals delivers reliable, ethical and flexible personnel solutions to the international offshore market. We provide the staff you need to plan, install and operate offshore wind farms and subsea cables. We take pride in our reputation for supplying the most skilled, loyal and experienced people in the industry.

Our professionals have a wide range of market-leading knowledge and as such they can provide practical advice and ensure project development strategies are robust, achievable and aligned with industry best practice. From one-off short-term assignments to long-term project support and advice, we are able to supply professionals that support all aspects of offshore work.
Equally important, we provide our professionals with all the necessary support to ensure they continue to perform at their best.

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