Bioclear-Microbial Analysis (Microbial Analysis BV)

Bioclear-Microbial Analysis (Microbial Analysis BV)

Bioclear-Microbial analysis is specialized in measurement and mitigation of corrosion that is influenced by micro-organisms. This phenomenon is also referred to as MIC (Microbial influenced corrosion). Our current CEO Sytze Keuning founded Bioclear in 1988, with its main facilities based in Groningen and seven local contact points around the world.

Bioclear started around biological remediation of contaminated soils and diversified to different themes and applications, related to biology. During the late nineties, pipeline owners became aware that MIC is of significant influence to their total life cycle asset costs. At that time Bioclear got involved into their first local pipeline projects to determine the root cause and define management strategies to cope or mitigate MIC.

In 2014 Microbial Analysis got demerged from Bioclear as a separate working entity, having a stronger focus on MIC and further advancing their technologies. They have a broad portfolio of microbial detection techniques that can be applied pre- or post- corrosion failures. This includes ATP, DNA and RNA based detection techniques.

Owners of wind parks inevitable need to cope with (threats of) material loss during operations caused by corrosion. Especially, corrosion induced or caused by micro-organisms, can lead to high and unexpected corrosion rates.

Microbial Analysis offers a broad portfolio of services related to detection, mitigation and management of MIC corrosion processes.

Unique capabilities during engineering:
– MIC design assessment: A modelling approach to assess MIC related material loss with a given design (e.g. monopile design);

Unique on-site capabilities:
– On site sampling and inspection (NACE CP, CT and CIP3 certified inspectors)
– Pre-failure risk assessment: Addressing and quantifying risks through modelling and assessment of microbial activity and MIC related material loss.
– Failure assessment: Multidisciplinary, evidence base approach to MIC related material failures;
– MIC detection: Making use of novel DNA/RNA technologies (e.g.Next gen sequencing).

Bioclear has 30 employees and a yearly turnaround of 3 million Euro.

Adres: Rozenburglaan 13, 9727 DL Groningen
Telefoon: +31 50 520 54 97