CIV Offshore & Shipping

CIV Offshore & Shipping

CIV Offshore & Shipping is a specialized subsidiary of CIV Den Oever U.A., focused on providing high qualified services to offshore- and shipping companies.

CIV Offshore & Shipping is a self standing business unit aiming to meet the specific requirements of the offshore and shipping branch. The synergy of knowledge, activities and products within the entire group provides CIV Offshore & Shipping the possibility to offer a highly specialized and complete service package. Due to profitable purchase conditions within the group of companies we are able to provide the utmost quality products at excellent terms.

CIV Den Oever U.A. claims to be a non-profit procurement cooperation with a long and successful history in the fishery branch. The company encloses specialized service-departments for sea fishery and inshore fishery and also a comprehensive shop with an assortment of over 6.000 products.

CIV Offshore & Shipping distinguishes the product groups: mooring & towing, hoisting, lashing & securing, safety & comfort and consumables.

We can o.a. meet your requirements for:

  • Ropes, specialized in Dyneema / HMPE materials (reeled or customized)
  • Steel wires (reeled or customized)
  • Chains (in barrel or assembled)
  • Slings, specialized in Dyneema / HMPE materials (rope slings, round slings, webbing slings)
  • Lashing materials
  • Safety materials
  • (work) clothing
  • Consumables

Adres: Haventerrein 3, 1779 GS, Den Oever
Telefoon: (0227) 74 90 10