Delftechniek B.V.

Delftechniek B.V.

Delftechniek BV is a technical tradingcompany forlarge and small companies, institutions and governments. We are located in Delfzijl (Sikkel 12, Sikkel 35, Chemiepark), Eemshaven, Hoogezand, Groningen, Emmen, Middenmeer and Heerhugowaard.

Delftechniek BV is founded back in 1978 by Sir W.H. Hendriks and Sir W. Puma. The number of employersas grown to 87 in the past year. We are supplier for several branches such as:

  • Industryand construction
  • Government
  • Offshore

Industrial services companies

  • Agriculture
  • Transport and Industrial cleaning
  • Marine engineering and the shipping industry

We can supply our customers with a total package such as; tools, fasteners, machines, personal protective equipment (PPE), industrial hoses andcleaning equipment. We also can arrange the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment.

From our warehouse(s) we can provide you with more than 50.000 different products, and because we are working together with two large purchase organisations, our customers have access to the largest assortment of technical products in The Netherlands and Europe. What distinguishes us from other technical trading companies is that we can deliver the orders for our customers within a day, if the company is located within 50 km. Otherwise we can deliver the next day.

Because stock control and logistics are our specialties, we can also advise you in MRO-stock control and support you with your newbuild projects or factory shutdowns. We can stock products temporarily for our customers, when needed in a certain period or during critical maintenance.

Delftechniek uses recyclable boxes in the logistic department, and makes sure that waist will be taking care of in a responsible way throughout the whole company.

We ask our employees to print as less as possible, and all the paper used in the company is made out of ”FSC-paper”.

Delftechniek is connected to the purchase organisations Ferney Group and EDE.
All products/goods supplied by these organisations are produced without the use of child labour.
Delftechniek also uses employees who are offered to us by (local) government, these employees are taking part in (per example) re-integrating programs.
For many years Delftechniek has the policy to sponsor local sportclubs. Being responsible has led Delftechniek to be a successful and reliable company for many people and organisations in his region

Adres: Sikkel 12, 9932 BD Delfzijl
Telefoon: 0596-654500