Den Helder Airport

Den Helder Airport

Den Helder Airport has over the past years become one of the largest offshore heliports of North-West Europe. Helicopters are daily transporting offshore personnel to and from the rigs and oil- and gas producing platforms on the Dutch Continental Shelf. Thanks to its ideal location close to the primary oil and gas fields in the central and southern parts of the North Sea.

In the past recent years, the number of landings has increased to a total of 22.850 and an average of 140,000 passengers per year pass through the check in of Den Helder Airport. This concerns in particular those working on the platforms in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. At Den Helder Airport, thirty companies including four helicopter carriers are located. These companies offer a total of 500 direct jobs. Den Helder Airport is a major economic engine for the region and provides indirect employment related to offshore companies, port operators and suppliers.

Den Helder Airport has been in development for more and more to form a connecting link between the different offshore cities. The airport is working on a service between Den Helder and Aberdeen and there are also contacts to realize the Danish Esbjerg connection. These connections provide many benefits to the oil and gas industry, offshore wind industry and the business market.

Because of its ideal location in respect of the Southern North Sea and close collaboration with the sea and offshore Port of Den Helder, Den Helder Airport also aims to focus on helicopter transport for maintenance personnel to the ever growing number of wind farms in the North Sea.

Adres: Luchthavenweg 10A, 1786 PP, Den Helder
Telefoon: (0223) 635 666