Green Energy Services BV (GES)

Green Energy Services BV (GES)

Green Energy Services B.V. (GES) is the service and maintenance company for wind turbines in The Netherlands. The main focus of GES is on servicing/maintaining (NEG) Micon, Nordtank, Nedwind, Vestas and Nordex wind turbines.

GES has in 2010 opened its new head office in Franeker (The Netherlands), including extensive facilities for refurbishing of parts and components, as well as an extensive warehouse for all parts of turbines in maintenance.

The service technicians of GES have been involved in wind energy ever since the first Micon/Nordtank turbines were built in The Netherlands in the early 1990’s. Recent, GES has broadened its technicians base, so it can deliver the largest (NEG) Micon, Vestas and Nordex expertise and knowledge in maintenance in The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Currently, GES has 14 technicians in the field (7 servicing teams), maintaining about 250 turbines.

Besides service and maintenance, GES has rich experience in buying and selling used wind turbines worldwide, including the required dismantling, crane and rebuilding work. GES is also frequently hired for, mostly large, development/dismantling projects, because of its very specific crane experience.

A turbine owner will find a perfect partner in GES in every turbine situation, from new project development, re-location, maintenance, refurbishing/reparation and exchange of main components.

Currently, GES is involved with the development of two direct drive turbines: the XV90 (2.5 MW) and the XEMC Darwind 5MW offshore turbine. GES’s role hereby is assembling and building/installing the prototypes of both turbines on test area in Wieringerwerf (NL).

For more information on the activities of Green Energy Services, you can contact mr. Wouter den Engelsen, telephone: +31 623 504 405. Email:

Adres: De Wieken 21, 8801 RA FRANEKER
Telefoon: (06) 235 044 05