MME Group

MME Group

Inspection, Testing and Corrosion Specialist

The MME Group is equivalent to Quality.
The MME Group consists of three specialised operating companies with their own divisional structure.
Material testing, inspection and corrosion prevention are the main activities. After a successful start in the marine industry the company has steadily expanded into offshore and renewable energy (wind and tidal), allowing an optimum in synergy between these activities. After 50 years the vast knowledge and skills applied daily are still steadily increasing. An efficient certification structure guarantees our customers an accurate and professional execution of their orders. “A Longer Life” that is the mission put into practice with our dedicated staff.

Non Destructive Testing on:
– (Offshore)Structures
– Ships
– Turbine components
– Blades

Cathodic protection by means of:
– Fully automated impressed current systems (ICCP)
– Marine Growth Prevention Systems
– Sacrificial anodes
– Hybrid systems
– Monitoring systems

Adres: Postbus 4222, 3980 GE, Ridderkerk
Telefoon: (0180) 482 828