Noorderpoort is a large centre for secondary, vocational and adult education and training in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. Noorderpoort trains 19,000 students and has 1,600 staff in its 22 schools across the region. One of these schools is the school for Maritime, Energy and Production technology, situated in Delfzijl. At the moment Noorderpoort is starting a new programme, focusing on offshore wind energy. Noorderpoort has an up-to-date training center with well-equipped practice rooms, test turbines and simulators for the maritime logistics industry. All programs are provided by professional and certified trainers.

The new programme: Offshore Wind Technician

In the first three years of the education the students and adults follow a broad AOT education, which stands for Allround Operational Technician. In these three years, the students learn the basic principles of working on multiple technical projects. After successfully completing the broad AOT education, the students need to choose a specialization. The specialization Offshore Wind Technician is one of those specializations. After graduating the students get two certificates:

A certification as an Allround Operational Technician.
A certification as an Offshore Wind Technician, according to the international BZEE standards.

Noorderpoort would like to get in touch with companies…

Working in the Operation & Maintenance phase in the offshore wind industry, who are interested in qualified Offshore Wind Technicians.
Working in the Logistic phase in the offshore wind industry, who are interested in qualified Maritime Officers (including DP).

Adres: P.O. Box 530, 9700 AM Groningen
Telefoon: (+31) 50 59 77 400