Rope Access Noord

Rope Access Noord

Rope Access Noord (RAN) is a multidisciplinary Dutch company specialized in working at heights, depths and difficult to reach places. Our work consists of inspection, maintenance and repair on on- and offshore installations that can only or more easily be reached by our rope techniques and tools. This way of working is considered to be faster and less harmful to the environment. As we are multidisciplinary you can also hire us for creating a safe entrance, technical rescue, training ‘how to work safely on heights’ and mapping the integrity (together with our partners in drones and 3D scanners).

Our rope access team is internationally trained and educated and is supported by our team of professionals on the Backoffice: planner, QHSE-engineer and operations manager. This strong and by far practical minded team makes us versatile, safe, efficient, effective and solution-oriented.

Our services can be divided into:

  • Rope Access: we use industrial rope- and climbing techniques to perform technical activities, inspections and maintenance on heights, depths and difficult to reach places
  • Offshore Wind: our experienced offshore wind technicians can perform inspections (visual and instrument), maintenance and repairs on large components and/or small electronic parts of offshore wind turbines. We ensure staff, arrange vessels to take our team to the wind turbines, have all the necessary GWO qualifications and us our own PPE. Additionally we can train, advise and instruct junior Offshore Wind Technicians.
  • Rope Rescue: our rescue team is one of the first and best rescue teams of the Netherlands in difficult to reach places, heights and depths. We create rescue plans, educate rescue teams, deliver rescue teams and take care of safe working places.
  • Access Solutions: we create a safe entrance on heights for third parties by using rope, a suspension bridge, a hanging platform and tray, sky climber or a hanging scaffolding.
  • Heightegrity: we map the integrity by means of RBI-programs, visual inspections and NDT techniques. Next to the inspection, an analysis and report, or even minor repairs will be made by us.
  • Training: our training program consists of several classes on safe working at heights, confined spaces and rescue. These classes are given in our own training hall or at your location (if desired).

Adres: Ulgersmaweg 6, 9731 BS, Groningen
Telefoon: +31 505290857