Siri Marine BV

Siri Marine BV

Siri Marine provides practical monitoring solutions for a variety of maritime and offshore markets. We are the developer of hardware and software motion monitoring components, which form a unique combination for improved safety and efficiency in the maritime and offshore industry. In addition, we provide measuring, collection and post-processing of environmental data such as wave heights, wind speed etc.

The applications for our products and services are numerous: heavy transports, heavy lift, heave monitoring, tow monitoring, weather dependant lashing and condition monitoring of large offshore structures.

In the offshore wind industry our expertise can be used in several parts of the projects involved: motion monitoring of the project equipment during transport to site, environmental measurements and workability calculations during installation works, and long term condition monitoring of the operational equipment and installations.

Our standard products are suitable for a variety of services. However, client specific applications can be developed, obviously alwqays with the philosophy of being “Fit for Purpose”.

Siri Marine is an independent and international operating company, established in 2003 by its owner and based in Appingedam, the Netherlands. Currently the company employs nine people. Our annual turnover has increased extensively over the years which makes us a reliable supplier and partner.

Adres: Stationsweg 1, 9901 CP APPINGEDAM
Telefoon: 0596 620 997