On Wednesday 15 February 2012, the 2nd NNOW supply chain meeting was held. Around 40 representatives from businesses and training and educational institutes related to offshore wind met the Belgian company DEME. DEME consists of a consortium of companies that operate in offshore projects in relation to port facilities, oil/gas and wind energy. It is a large offshore contractor with an extensive fleet of jackup barges, special purpose ships, dredging equipment, etc. A lot of work is outsourced too, and that makes DEME an interesting client for activities in the offshore wind supply chain and a development partner for innovations to drive down the cost price of wind at sea. In short, a perfect match with NNOW’s ambitions.

Project Manager Bas Nekeman of DEME introduced the company, the manner in which it serves its companies and seeks suppliers. After an order granted by a wind-farm developer or during the tendering phase, when DEME offers a complete package with insight into the quality and prices of suppliers. Allard van Dijk of the NOM then provided insight into NNOW’s approach and objectives and emphasized the strengths of the NNOW cluster on the basis of the supply chain analysis that NNOW performed amongst the member companies. The host at the wonderful location of Nijlicht Eemshaven, Sjoerd Peters, Groningen Seaports Account Manager offshore wind, presented an overview of all the activities in the port and the specific USPs for offshore wind. The fact that they have been recognized already is proven by the multitude of logistics in respect of wind-turbine parts in Eemshaven.

The most important part of the meeting was the pitch by 13 companies that had been selected by DEME from the NNOW membership list. This concerned a wide range from ‘rope access’ services to supply ships with hotel facilities. The photo shows Jan Loots presenting his survey company Geo+.

After the individual presentations, the morning ended with a network lunch. Our thanks to DEME and Groningen Seaports for their hospitality!


For the spring a themed NNOW meeting is planned, the topic of which will be put on the diary shortly.
If you are interested in becoming a member of NNOW, please contact the project team for further information, send an e-mail to Petra Engel (engel@nom.nl) or register directly by using the form on this website.
Membership is open to companies and knowledge parties (training, research and development) that are or want to become active in offshore wind.