IVM – Instituut voor Veiligheid en Milieu

IVM – Instituut voor Veiligheid en Milieu

IVM has been active in safety for 25 years!

IVM has been giving meaning to safety awareness and policies within the private and government sectors for 25 years. During this time we have expanded to more than 100 professionals and we have an extensive network of freelance staff at our disposal to ensure that we can provide you with the service you need. We provide advice, training and temporary assignments throughout the Netherlands from our head office in Coevorden to ensure safe working environments in the oil and gas extraction and energy sectors, industry, government, semi-government, health care, construction, multinationals and SMEs. IVM helps organisations and their employees to work safer, now and in the future.


IVM makes training and safety very accessible through E-learning where you can learn when you want, where you want and how you want. All you need is a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. E-learning CER helps to sharpen up in areas where your knowledge is insufficient. The tasks that you have learned in theory can then be applied with confidence on the CER practical day. In this manner theory and practice tie in seamlessly with each other. That is what IVM is all about.

Rescue team

Working in confined spaces and at heights involves risks and dangers that are often underestimated. To guarantee a safe workplace it is necessary to have access to the right resources and to have appropriate preventative measures in place. Professional and dedicated resources for locations that are difficult to access. IVM provides the right solution with the IVM Rescue Team, which carries out preventive activities to avoid incidents and potential rescue operations. A prominent feature of this is providing instructions and detailed information.

Potential risks are identified in advance by means of a deployment plan, whereby the IVM Rescue Team is one step ahead of potential hazards. If an incident should nevertheless occur we assume complete control of the situation by acting without delay.

The IVM Rescue Team:

– Is available on site which guarantees immediate response.
– Consists of three professionals as standard.
– Has completed Rope Rescue training.
– Has extensive medical knowledge.
– Uses certified equipment and has access to an emergency response trailer.
– Operates according to ISO 9001.
More information:

Want to learn more about how the IVM Rescue Team can reinforce your safety? Ask Safety Professionals about the options available to you.

Adres: Monierweg 4, 7741 KT, Coevorden
Telefoon: (0524) 512 409
Email: j.sok@werkveilig.nl
Website: http://www.werkveilig.nl