Abird is specialised in the rental, sales and service of industrial equipment. The company was established in 1962 and started with renting out welding equipment, diesel generators and compressors. Ever since the product range has grown deeper and wider. Currently customers can choose from a wide and specialised range of industrial equipment. Furthermore Abird maintains, repairs and certifies customers equipment. Abird has three four strong areas of expertise:

Rental, sales and service of industrial equipment
Departments and areas of expertise

  • Abird Energy & Lighting: Rental and maintenance of power supply, lighting and compressed air solutions.
  • Abird Tools & Welding: Rental, sales and services of welding equipment and industrial tools.
  • Abird Hoisting & Lifting: Rental, sales and certification of lifting and hoisting equipment. Hef en Hijs Nederland B.V. is part of Abird Hoisting & Lifting.
  • Abird Industrial Projects: Planning, coordination and maintenance of equipment, lighting, air supply and power supply facilities, turn-arounds and new construction projects.

Expertise and reliability is key

Currently our 120 employees operate within 7 branches in the Netherlands and Germany. We attach great importance to the specialised knowledge and skills present in our technical and specialised departments. We believe that providing truly effective advice is only possible if we fully understand all the technical possibilities and applications.
In addition, we feel that reliability, speed of action and our flexible attitude are important to provide an excellent rental service with the right level of customer focus. You can depend on our extensive and relevant services package in combination with 24/7 support. Furthermore we work constantly to improve safety.

Experience and markets

Our equipment has been used to work on a variety of challenging new construction and maintenance projects for over 50 years. We supply to end customers, equipment management, departments and specialised construction contractors. We do so in a variety of markets, but our core activity consists of general industry, tank construction, metalworking and the maritime sector. Long-standing collaboration with our customers has led to the creation of specific innovations in many sectors.

Construction, transportation and installation of offshore windfarms

We offer a wide diversity equipment that is highly relevant for companies involved in the construction, transportation and installation of off shore wind farms. Only recently our Hoisting and Lifting department was asked to weigh a jacket structure for the topside for the “Baltic 2” offshore wind farm in Kiel, Germany. Furthermore we have frequently delivered generators, lighting solutions, hoisting equipment, loadbanks and compressors to contractors within the windmill construction and project installation and transportation.

Product offer relevant to the offshore wind industry (construction, transportation and installation)

  • Energy, compressed air & lighting equipment: diesel generators (up to 2000 kVA ), loadbanks (testing turbines), lighting solutions and compressors (compressed air) and transformers
  • Industrial tools and welding equipment: wide range of assembly tools such as torque and bolting tools, hydraulic pumps, welding equipment, flange tools and general industrial tools
  • Hoisting and lifting tools: spreader and lifting beams, digital load cells, digital test clocks, safety harnesses, fall arrest blocks, heavy hoisting tools and heavy lifting tools (up to high WLL).

Adres: Welplaatkade 19, 3197 KR, Rotterdam
Telefoon: (010) 416 55 11
Email: info@abird.nl
Website: http://www.abird.nl/