Eekels (a part of TBI) has been operating in the marine & offshore and industry & infrastructure markets for over 100 years. lts employees, totalling almost 500, are carrying out projects and maintenance & service in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Eekels has specific expertise in electrical drive systems, shore power connection systems, ship systems (including alarm and monitoring systems) and process automation. Eekels takes care of the entire route, from engineering, panel building, implementation, start-up to maintenance and service.

Through its business unit called Mechanical, Eekels is also a major player in mechanical service and maintenance, projects and specialist equipment building. Eekels takes care of the entire route, from newbuilds, modifications, assembly, overhauls, repairs and maintenance to service. lts main focus is on projects, shutdowns, and service and maintenance. Markets targeted by BU Mechanical include the process industry and the chemical, petrochemical, energy and offshore sectors.

With a workforce of almost 500, Eekels has now achieved a turnover of approximately 60 million euros. In the Netherlands, Eekels is located in Kolham (head office), Schoonebeek and Joure. In addition, Eekels has a branch at Galati in Romania, a joint venture with SaierNico in China, and representative offices in China and Vietnam.

Eekels is a part of TBI, which is a network of companies active in the real estate, building and engineering sectors. The companies operate independently and also through joint ventures, especially in the Dutch market. With its 8,253 employees, TBI achieved an operating income of € 2,172 million in 2011. In terms of operating income, TBI is the second largest engineering concern and the fourth largest construction concern in the Netherlands.

Adres: A. Plesmanlaan 2, 9615 TH Kolham
Telefoon: +31 598 36 17 36