Greensolver is a wind & solar technical expert created in 2008.
We felt there was a real need in the market for an experienced and independent service provider catering to the infrastructure investors to deliver professional, world class services.

Our ambitions are global but we remain a human-sized company, owned by the people who manage assets every day and know the challenges of our industry.

Greensolver is certified with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 55001 (asset management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety). Those certifications confirm our commitment to deliver the highest levels of quality management, sustainability and health & safety.



We are truly independent. We do not develop projects we don’t own assets, and we never will. This ensures our customers get our full, undivided attention and ensures no conflicts of interest between us.

We don’t see ourselves only as asset managers, we see ourselves as assets maximizers. From construction to operation and consulting, we go beyond and constantly look for ways to get more production out of the asset and over a longer period of time.

Working with us

Our team of experts handles both TCM, construction & advisory missions. This means that as a customer you always get experienced professionals working for your assets.

Each customer also benefits from a dedicated account manager, which act as your single point of contact within our organization. Responsible of coordinating all activities related to your assets, he is responsible (and paid on) the results of your wind or solar asset.

Innovation being one of our priority, each asset manager benefits from 10% of his time dedicated to it. Thanks to that, we’ve been able to develop innovative solutions (Greensolver index, GreenBoost & Bladesolver) & piece of mind articles allowing you to take most advantage out of your assets.

Adres: Leonard Springerlaan 19, 9727 KB Groningen
Telefoon: +31(0) 854 019 650