HGG Profiling Contractors BV

HGG Profiling Contractors BV

With more than 25 years of experience in the thermal cutting industry, HGG has grown into an international group of companies specialized in 3D profiling.
HGG offers both: manufacture of 3D profiling CNC cutting machines with in-house engineering & software development; and thermal cutting services for third parties. This unique combination, together with passion to provide a tailor-made solution for customers, allows HGG to embrace all aspects of the industry. They are continuously following the market demands, thus offering highly customized solutions. Derived from in-depth market insights along with extensive experience within the industry, HGG’s constant focus is on offering:

Smart Weld Preparation

HGG has focused on developing and integrating smart weld preparation techniques into their technology. Their profile cutting machines prepare the material for instant welding and easy and fast fitting.

Design Freedom

HGG in-house built software removes the limitations you face during the design phase of a project. The software allows you to use the data from your own model to interface with your company CAD software package. Any kind of pipes, sections or beams you need for your design can be cut, along with the commodity of having access to a huge variety of predefined connections to choose from.

Production Efficiency

The machines of HGG are equipped with several production efficiency features, which allow you to easily plan and keep track on the production process and the management of stock.

HGG’s products and services find wide application in the following four industries:
– Steel Fabrication
– Offshore
– Ship Building
– Process industry

Adres: Zuidrak 2, 1771 SW Wieringerwerf
Telefoon: (0227) 504 030
Email: dd@hgg.nl
Website: http://www.hgg-group.com