KTF Harlingen

KTF-Harlingen started in 2007 with the new company name and course. KTF is a family business with the core values that stands for stability, long term relationships and innovation.
We are daily active with horizontal, vertical and special transport in any way.
We have the availability of scopic and tower cranes, all mobile, till 300 ton per meter.
We also have an SPMT with a loading capacity of 400 tons.
We operate on a daily bases in:
– Oil and Gas Industry
– Shipbuilding Industry
– Housing Industry
– Wind and Renewable Energy
We also have the availability of our own Port Service Harlingen with an own quay of 350 meters. On this quay we can provide different services:
– Transhipment (loading and unloading)
– Bulk Handling (also in storage)
– Storage, in and outdoor facility ’s
– Finalize shipbuilding
– Needed Ships documentation
We are settled in our own WindPowerCentre. Here we have the availability of in and outdoor storage of all the elements for windturbines and other products. We are specialized in the transportation and elevating of windturbines all over Europe.
USP’s for the on/offshore Wind Industry:
– Knowledge and Storage at the WindPowerCentre
– Full range off our own and required equipment
– Quay facility wit loading and unloading equipment
– Transport required equipment till 400 tons
– Full certified and highly skilled employees
– The availability to addept, ad hoc, on every situation
At this moment KTF-Harlingen has 35 employees and a turnover of €6 million per year.

Adres: Lange Lijnbaan 61
Telefoon: (0517) 430630
Email: info@ktf-harlingen.nl
Website: http://www.ktf-harlingen.nl