Machinefabriek G. van der Ploeg

Machinefabriek G. van der Ploeg

Machinefabriek VanderPloeg has been successfully operating in appliance and machinery construction and as a supplier of top quality structures since as far back as 1841. We specialise in high quality welding processes and also provide the weld detailing, the machining and the assembly, including electro-technical controls and hydraulics. For this purpose we have the necessary certification such as ISO 3834-2, DIN 2303 Q2 and Q3 BK1.

The production hall, which is set up for machining processes, has a wide range of machinery for work pieces ranging from 500 kg to 40 tons. The combination of steel construction with machining forms a strong foundation.

Sectors in which Machinefabriek VanderPloeg operates include:
• Defence
• Industry (appliance and machinery construction)
• Offshore

Our clients include both national and international companies operating in the higher market segments for new build and overhaul projects. Our client list includes both end-users and system suppliers.

In recent years we have manufactured quite some equipment and components for the Offshore Wind Industry in a variety from lifting tools and winches up to nacelle housings and the first “Barge Master motion compensating platform”.

Adres: Plutoweg 13, 8938 AC Leeuwarden
Telefoon: (058) 253 99 99