P. van Adrighem Trading Company BV

P. van Adrighem Trading Company BV

Adrighem is specialized in supplying or hire out Mobile-, and/or Crawler cranes for installation of wind turbines onshore and offshore with a capacity up to 1.600 tons.

  • Supply or hiring of cranes for port handling.
  • Supply or hiring of mobile telescopic cranes, capacity ranging from 30 up to 1.200 tons.
  • Supply or hiring transport equipment.
  • Supply or hiring of equipment for “deep foundations”.
  • Supply or hiring earth moving equipment, electric power generators, forklifts, lifting gear etc.

On a regular basis our crawler cranes are hired out for the installation of “land based” power windmills trough out Europe and for the construction of port projects in the Middle- and Far East.

P. van Adrighem Trading Company BV has acquired an yard, along the Nieuwe Maas in Vlaardingen, yard area of approximate 14 hectares with its own water front of approximate 200m. The yard will be further developed to facilitate assembling and storage of windmill components including a Material Offloading Facility.

Turn over of 150 million, staff 20 employees.

Adres: Groene Kruisweg 2, 3237 KC, Vierpolders
Telefoon: (0181) 413 722
Email: info@adrighem.com
Website: http://www.adrighem.com