Rope Access Noord

Rope Access Noord

Company history and background information
We, Dirk Jaeger and Derk Battjes, both needed a new challenge in our lives. Because of this – and because of older, mutually shared ideas – we combined our joint interest for adventure and mountaineering to establish and develop a company facilitating rope access services. We have been working together for several years and have expanded the rope access company which originated from a one-man business founded in 2005.

We founded the Rope Access Noord general partnership and since then experienced great developments; a multitude of training programs, courses and assignments contributed to our knowledge and experience in the field of profession and rope access skills: Rigging, Rescue, Working at Height in general, and general and specific knowledge of the required materials.

Apart from being an independently functioning rope access company, we aim to combine our strengths and experiences with those of other companies, for the purpose of offering various solutions to a large variety of projects. “Standing strong together”, is therefore the motto that best describes our manner of trade. Our company’s foundation is based upon respect for one another’s knowledge and craftsmanship, combining competences and collaborating with the assigning companies.

Current Activities
Roughly, our current activities can be divided into three categories:
– Rope Access services
Rope Access entails the realization of a multitude of tasks in high or deep areas with difficult access, which are hard or even impossible to reach by other means. Examples of such areas are: oil rigs at sea, sea or land based wind turbines, masts, factories, confined spaces, ships, church towers, sports stadiums, high buildings etc. Our expertise makes it possible for us to execute activities on both the inside and outside of all these structures. Examples of required tasks are: maintenance, inspections, cleaning, painting, montage, hauling, fixing advertisement banners, accompanying / escorting other non-rope access technicians to a desired location, and so on.

– Rope Rescue
Rope Rescue, or in our terms ‘Rapid Access and Rescue’, involves the execution of rescue activities in high or deep places that are difficult to reach by other means. Within rope access work situations we ensure that we are always able to rescue each other and any project co-workers. Rope rescue, however, is more focused on rescuing third party members, for example from places where firefighters or regular rescue forces cannot enter or reach. These rescues are often complicated by altitude, and sometimes equally complicated by the depth of a confined space or a complex situation in an industrial area. Rope rescue is a means to gain save entry to, and egress from, the area of the calamity, and to subsequently transport the victim to a save area where emergency services await to provide specialist care.

– Working at Height; training and advice
For us at Rope Access Noord, “Working at Height” incorporates several aspects: giving training and advice for safety in high areas, instructing on the correct usage of various fall protection systems, creating risk awareness when it comes to working in high or deep areas, and inspecting and assessing both climbing materials and fall protection materials. At Rope Access Noord, we can provide the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Basic Safety Training (BST) for Working at Heights, and together with an associated company provide the whole BST.

Relations with Offshore Wind
Our relations with Offshore Wind is characterized by our previous experiences in this field. For example, we provided and supported maintenance to the wind turbines of the Prinses Amalia Wind Farm (PAWP), of the coast of Ijmuiden (The Netherlands) for several months. During this assignment we were responsible for a variety of tasks on and in the wind turbines – all of which were involved with safety – taking three major risk factors into account: working at sea, working at height and working in confined spaces (down in the turbines at sea level). The last of these three factors required familiarity and employment of gas detection systems, rescue systems, special requirements for all electrical tools, ventilation measures, etc. We are keen on continuing our work in the wind turbine field, and on applying our experience and gained knowledge on and in the wind turbines in the North of the Netherlands.

Unique Services
What distinguishes Rope Access Noord in the offshore wind activities in the North of the Netherlands is that we are one of the few, or maybe the only, rope access companies in the North that offers rope access services, rapid access and rescue services, along with training and advice in working at heights. This versatility is strengthened by our experience with wind turbine installation and maintenance and knowledge of wind turbine construction at sea (through a colleague with years of experience in this field). We are fully capable of providing assistance in (complex) hauling jobs at sea, mainly because of our Rigging, Lifting and Slinging certificates and our on- and offshore experiences with these tasks. All of these services can be employed during the construction phase of wind turbines at sea, the maintenance phase and for the purpose of training wind turbine workers for safe working at heights.

Company structure
Rope Access Noord is owned and ran by us, Derk Battjes and Dirk Jaeger. For some time now we are finding ourselves on the brink between a workload that is almost too big for just the two of us, but finding the supply of work too irregular to fully hire other employees apart from a secretary. We solve this problem by frequently engaging independent subcontractors, all of whom offer their unique specializations. An added advantage of this solution is that we can employ the right people with the right knowledge and set of skills required for the job.

Adres: Sylviuslaan 2, 9728 NS, Groningen
Telefoon: 06 444 07 787