Sealane Terminals BV

Sealane Terminals BV

Sealane Terminals BV is situated in one of the prime locations of the harbour: easy to reach from (deep) sea and a convenient location from the landside. Our own seaside quay, our own terminal. Here we offer storage and terminal services and facilities for general cargo.

We offer a full range of terminal services, ranging from stevedoring and customs services to safe indoor and outdoor storage. We have the facilities and the experience to handle cargos quickly, reliably and safely. Our terminal staff are ready to service any cargo or ship owner who contacts us or to discuss specific requirement.

Originally Sealane started as a coldstorage, north sea fish, processed and deep frozen in Norway is shipped to our coldstorage weekly. This liner connection, operated by NorLines A/S offers us the opportunity to ship freight to virtually all Norwegian harbours . Since NorLines takes care off inland transport as well we can offer door to door deliveries. Pallets, containers, conventional cargo, no problem!

During the years we specialized as an off-shore service terminal. Godewind and Gemini windfarms were supported from our terminals. We offer a crew tender jetty and because of relatively low quay side SOV vessels are easy to access.
What’s more, our site is also ideally situated for cargo needed for construction projects in and around Eemshaven: machinery, equipment, construction materials, and components for the offshore industry. Easy to bring to the site, easy to transport(we have our own in house forwarding company) out of and away from our terminals.

Adres: Eemshornweg 5, 9979 XK, Eemshaven
Telefoon: (0596) 633 888