When WPT ® was founded in 1994, our main focus was serving the markets in both the Netherlands and Germany. Since those days, we have steadily worked on expanding our network. Today, we serve the global circular economy by buying and selling most common commodities like paper for recycling, plastics for recycling and both FE as well as NE metals, in order to feed the cycle with their required secondary raw materials.
Furthermore, we act as advising and executing partner in all kinds of (special) projects with logical relevancy to our industry.

Services for manufacturing and business
In our network of suppliers and buyers, WPT ® today independently trades over 1,5 million tons of secondary raw material streams together, which makes us a core partner for most processing industries. Meeting quality requirements and ensuring supply performance are our guiding principles.
For enterprise and manufacturing customers and recycling companies, and therefore the entire waste disposal sector, we are a reliable partner in the processing of secondary raw materials. Our longstanding contractually secured disposal channels to recovery systems ensure a stable, uninterrupted take-up and recycling of materials. For every size and form as it comes, we offer all kinds of individual logistics solutions by roads, rail or ship.

Services for governmental customers
WPT ® has proven itself as a partner for government customers in a large number of public tenders. A qualified team ensures that our participation complies with all the applicable procedural rules of the respective countries, while adhering to high standards in the performance of services. Our service is completed with comprehensive documentation and proof of compliance with the customer’s requirements.

On-site service and support
In our office in the Northern part of the Netherlands, WPT‘s ® employees are responsible for distribution and administration of all incoming orders and related communication.
The overall coordination of our operations takes place here. Our direct on-site customer support helps to ensure short lines of communication, and rapid solutions for our customers. A comprehensive monitoring of all our processes does also ensure consistent quality control.

Our mission
Maintaining and optimizing the use of secondary raw materials is more important than ever before. WPT ® trades secondary raw materials globally. Through our operations, we help reduce the consumption of natural raw materials. We thereby contribute to protecting and strengthening the environment and the associated quality of life for future generations as well as the future viability of our company.

Adres: Zeefbaan 22, 9672 BN, Winschoten
Telefoon: 0597-467300
Email: kallio.n@wpt-nl.com
Website: http://www.wpt-nl.com