Deep BV – Hydrografie & Geofysica

Deep BV – Hydrografie & Geofysica

Deep is a survey company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, specializing in hydrography, geophysics and oceanography. Deep’s areas of operation include inshore waterways, harbours, coastal zones and offshore areas. Projects are carried out worldwide. Deep’s main goal is to supply its clients with high-quality data that provides reliable insights into the underwater world. Deep’s core values and those of its professional staff include quality of data, charts and reports, excellent client relations, and a flexible and cost-effective approach to projects.

From mapping a complete wind farm site survey to individual installations, from inter array cable route surveys to export cable with land fall surveys, Deep have made their mark in this technological fast moving industry. Providing vital strategic information to installation companies and cable layers alike.

Deep can provide specialist surveys for object detection. This is rapidly becoming an important sector for offshore wind farm planning. Submerged obstacles can cause tens of thousands of Euro’s damage to trenching equipment and ploughs. Even more important, for the safety of the operators of subsea operations, is the detection of ammunitions, bombs and mines from two world wars, which are still lying, uncharted, in the North Sea, for example.

For many years North Sea fishermen have trawled up flint spear heads and other items dating from the time when the North Sea was dry land. Deep, by using their sensitive equipment for scanning for archaeology from pre-history times, can locate and map these sites to avoid loosing forever this insight into how our ancestors lived.

Deep have worked on projects on all sides of the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea, including the Prinses Amalia Offshore Windpark and Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee where they are currently carrying out O&M hydrographic and geophysical surveys. They have also been working at various stages on the following wind farm projects: Butendiek, Luchterduinen, London Array, Belwind, Thorntonbank, Alpha Ventus and Gunfleet

If it lies under or on the sea bed, in shallow coastal waters or deep sea, Deep can locate it, map it, and guide you around it, saving you both time and money in your sub sea operations.

Adres: Johan van Hasseltweg 39D, 1021 KN AMSTERDAM
Telefoon: 020 634 36 76