Groningen Airport Eelde

Groningen Airport Eelde

Groningen Airport Eelde is the regional airport for the Northern Netherlands and the German border area. It is your perfect starting point -or destination- for business trips. It is an easy to reach airport and has notably short check-in times. There are scheduled flights to London (8 times weekly) and Gdansk (2 weekly flights) from here, along with double daily flights to and from Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is the hub that ensures excellent connections from the Northern Netherlands to anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world! Destinations such as Scandinavia, the Baltics, Poland, Russia but also Boston or Tokyo can be easily reached.

Fly to ‘Wind Energy London’ from Groningen Airport Eelde; Invite your Danish technicians or your Chinese customers to fly easily via Copenhagen to Groningen where you can welcome them personally at your own airport.

Groningen Airport Eelde: fast and conveniently close.

Adres: Machlaan 14a, Eelde
Telefoon: 050-3097070