Port of Den Helder

Port of Den Helder

NV Port of Den Helder builds together with the Royal Navy, entrepreneurs, governments, educational institutions and research institutes to a high-tech and service port, which is leading in the field of offshore energy (oil and gas) and defense-related industry. The market sees in Port of Den Helder also an important offshore and defense port for other forms of renewable energy (wind, tidal, wave power). The port facilitates, promotes and coordinates new activities, investments and developments in and around the harbor, where Port of Den Helder accommodate ambitions of companies.

Port of Den Helder is already the perfect offshore port for the oil and gas industry in the North Sea. Approximately 90% of the national turnover of the operations & maintenance of the platforms in the North Sea comes from Den Helder. Companies see future opportunities in the ambition of Port of Den Helder to be also the leading operations & maintenance offshore port for wind energy.

Port of Den Helder wants to concentrate the management and maintenance of offshore wind turbines in the port. The unique strategic location in relation to the continental shelf in the North Sea and the knowledge and experience of the Royal Navy, research institutes and educational institutions; Port of Den Helder has everything in its favor to become an important player in the wind industry. Operations & maintenance and – by an excellent working logistics pool and the facilities of the nearby airport Den Helder Airport – effective, efficient and affordable supplies of the offshore.

The more than 180 port-related businesses, suppliers and contractors in the region Den Helder represent all disciplines in the energy chain. With NIOZ, TNO, Imares, ATO and ECN maritime knowledge institutes are strongly represented in the region. The maritime cluster program MCN has developed a National Knowledge Centre Offshore Wind in Den Helder. The focus is on R&D in wind turbines, blades, foundations and cabling. In addition, there are initiatives around themes related to the exploitation of wind turbines at sea, such as maintenance and repair, transportation and safety, testing and inspection and logistics. Port of Den Helder wants to contribute – as important partner – to the further development of Den Helder as major offshore energy port.

Port of Den Helder has the position and the facilities to play an important role in the future management and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Whether it’s regular inspections of the turbines, underwater inspections (foundations and cables) or component replacement; Den Helder has the knowledge, experience and quality. The port infrastructure will be further developed in the coming years to facilitate the offshore wind industry even better.

In Den Helder, the DOWES project started. It aims to develop an innovative ICT system which offshore wind farms can be optimally managed. The (remote) maintenance and control can be made efficiently and at lower cost. The partners of Dutch Offshore Wind Energy Services and local companies cooperate in the area of offshore maintenance and service to develop Den Helder as major offshore knowledge and service port.

Adres: Het Nieuwe Diep 33, 1781 AD Den Helder
Telefoon: +31 (0)223 – 618 481
Email: info@podh.eu
Website: http://www.portofdenhelder.eu