Port of Eemshaven

Port of Eemshaven

Eemshaven – hub in offshore wind logistics

Groningen Seaports manages two seaports in northern Netherlands, Delfzijl and Eemshaven. Eemshaven is geographically well-situated for the offshore wind activities in the North Sea. Moreover, Eemshaven meets all maritime requirements. To serve the fast moving sector of offshore wind, Eemshaven has become a hub for offshore windfarms especially in the German neighbouring part of the North Sea.

In recent years Eemshaven has become the backdrop to large-scale activities concerning the assembly and shipping of wind turbines. Monopiles, transition pieces, converter stations, blades, tripods, etc. were launched from Eemshaven to e.g. Alpha Ventus, Bard Offshore I and Global Tech I. Van Oord selected Eemshaven for the Dutch Gemini Windfarm, OWF (Boskalis/Volker Wessels) used the port for the Veja Mate windfarm and currently Senvion is using Eemshaven for Nordsee One and General Electric (GE) for Merkur Offshore.

With the completion of the Beatrixhaven, Eemshaven has strengthened its position as offshore wind hub. A heavy load quay (30 tons per m2) of 220 metres is available, it is possible to position jack-up vessels directly in front of the quay and over 90 hectare is available for companies to establish their businesses. A heliport is scheduled to be in use in 2018.

Both Emmahaven and Beatrixhaven are suitable for service and maintenance activities regarding the offshore wind business. Many offshore service companies have already an establishment in Eemshaven. There are sufficient berthing places for small and medium sized vessels and it is possible to embark passengers. Besides that, plenty of storage areas are available: paved or unpaved, outside and/or in warehouses. Furthermore, several sites for permanent use are available around the Emma- or Beatrixhaven and can be bought or leased. It is also possible to rent existing locations or make use of existing facilities.

We would like to contact contractors and building firms, service and maintenance companies in the offshore wind industry. For further information please visit www.offshoreport.eu.

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