Vector Maintenance Management

Vector Maintenance Management

Vector Maintenance Management B.V. was founded in 2007 and today exists of 22 highly motivated and well educated professionals. Years of experience in the field of inspection and maintenance has led us to realise that companies need information they can use to make measured decisions for (cost) efficient implementation of inspection and maintenance processes. That is why, here at Vector, we specialise in designing and implementation asset(integrity) management systems that enable you to manage these processes easily.

The main characteristics of a Vector management system are:

– Maintenance and Inspection strategies; based on legal, mandatory and economic requirements.
– The control loop (RACI) implemented by a change management process.
– Embedment of strategies and control loop into a Computerised Maintenance Management
– A management control dashboard showing asset management performance and/or highlighting
– Trained staff in their specific asset management role and the use of the CMMS.
Having a Vector Management system in place the asset owner will have maximum control of risks, safety barriers and (counter) measures across the entire process.

Our target group includes clients that operate both nationally and internationally across a wide range of industries, including Oil & Gas production, Liquid Natural Gas, and offshore drilling. Engineering and construction firms also feature in our client portfolio.

We work both with companies that have in-house maintenance divisions and companies that outsource their maintenance work to contractors. Because we are independent consultants and do not carry out any hand-on maintenance ourselves, you can rest assured that your business objectives are our highest priority.

Based on our experience in maritime operations Vector is your professional partner when it comes to developing asset management solutions for offshore wind farms. Already some of our clients have chosen VectorMM as their independent single source supplier and are assured to have assets managed according to the highest industry standards.

We would be delighted to show you how investing in an effectively structured maintenance management system leads to risk reduction and cost control in both the short and longer term.

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