Why are you still outsourcing various parts of your problem to different parties while you can find the solution to your problem under one roof? You are basically looking for a company who can unburden you from having to deal with different parties to get 1 problem solved right?
It actually would be great if there is such a company who would unburden you from the 4 main pillars within your problem which are: Project management/ engineering, Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance, right?
We at Multimetaal manage the engineered solution, we fabricate the solution in our own construction facility, we install the solution either Onshore or Offshore with our trained personnel and mobile equipment and we maintain it on location or on our maintenance site. We don’t have to tell you wat it saves you by doing business with 1 company instead of 4.

Our mission:
Expect more than metal

In 1973 we started as a technical service provider in the Offshore-, Oil and Gas sector in the North sea region. Due to the complexity of this sector we have become the practical, flexible and known organisation we are today. The sustainable relation we have with our employees, our customers and our suppliers form the base of our existence and are invaluable to us.
To all the sectors where there is a need, we deliver a complete technical service package consisting of: Engineering & Project Management, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance. We want to relieve the customer by being involved in a project from the beginning to the end. By advising and supporting the customer at an early stage, we all benefit from this during the manufacturing, installation or maintenance phase.

Our vision:
Leading in quality, knowledge and innovation

Multimetaal is continuously working on innovation and specialization to remain closely attuned to the needs of our customers. Through our personal approach, whereby we put the customer first, we have a good relationship with our clients. In the future, we will continue to distinguish ourselves in the areas of quality, knowledge and innovation in all the sectors where there is a need. All this in a sustainable way for both Multimetaal and its stakeholders.

Multimetaal wants to innovate its service and make it more specific in such a way that it meets the needs of our customers. By putting the customer at the center of this, we win the heart of our client and build a relationship of trust. By distinguishing ourselves more, our already strong position offers us the opportunity to show us even stronger.