Njordic B.V.

Njordic B.V.

NjordIC is the “high end” specialised global consultancy company for all Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) related topics in the marine environment. In our work we apply our thorough market sector insights and our consultancy, risk management and EOD-management services. We work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure a safe and cost effective realisation of their maritime projects with regards to UXO risk mitigation. Our extensive knowledge on the field of UXO clearance and disposal operations and our experience gained in the projects executed by our employees enables us to take full responsibility for the ALARP sign-off.

Historical research, UXO risk assessment, tendering support services, EOD-management (offshore client representation, QA and QC services, GIS and data management services).

Interface with offshore wind
The North Sea saw considerable military action over two World Wars. There were intensive mine laying operations in both wars. Mine field clearance after each period of conflict only had limited effectiveness. Also Allied and German bombing of vessels, jettisoning of bombs, submarine operations, naval surface conflicts and munitions dumping have led to a considerable amount of UXO still remaining at the seabed. These UXO hinder a safe construction of offshore wind projects. Prior to the installation operations of wind farms, platforms and export cables a UXO mitigation plan needs to be developed to ensure a safe and cost effective mitigation of the risks posed by remaining UXO.
The NjordIC employees were involved in UXO advice and clearance operations in most Dutch and multiple German offshore wind projects.

Unique selling points
We believe offshore UXO search and disposal operations can be managed in a more innovative, efficient, transparent and qualitative manner.
We provide state of the art historical research and risk assessment results which in turn form a firm foundation for the definition of a tailormade UXO mitigation strategy. Tender assistance will ensure the contractor offering best value for money is selected. Eventually EOD-management and client representation will
By working in close collaboration with our clients, actually caring about their project goals and relieving them by taking full responsibility for the entire UXO scope of work.

Our annual turnover is € 500 K.

NjordIC has three employees, each with his own specialisation.

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