Seaway Offshore Cables

Seaway Offshore Casbles

Seaway Offshore Cables is a leader in submarine cable installation, repair and maintenance serving the global offshore renewable energy and oil and gas sectors as well as utility markets since 2003.

We combine two decades of in-house cable installation experience with best practice and latest vessel technology to operate in harsh environments 24/7 minimising weather delays. The leading Seaway Duo: Cable Lay Vessel Seaway Aimery and Installation Support Vessel Seaway Moxie have already set new standards in offshore wind submarine cable installation.

The Seaway Duo has been specifically designed and built to serve the demanding needs for safe and reliable offshore operations in rough seas.

Safety is our priority, and we are leading the way with the use of ‘Walk-to-Work’ systems during submarine cable installation as well as operations and maintenance to safely increase the operability during poor weather conditions. Our Cable Lay Vessel Seaway Aimery has a sheltered cable laying deck and a sheltered trenching ROV hangar as well as internal craneage for handling equipment including the cable protection systems to reduce manual handling.

Address: Bavinkstrasse 23, 26789 Leer, Germany
Tel: +49 491 912430